Real and Legal Partners

Real and Legal Partners

Ric Perez is Senior Vice President and National Chief Marketing Officer for Strategic Capital. Ric has over 35 years of experience in the financial sector. Prior to joining Strategic Capital in 2009, Ric worked as a Western Regional Director for Law Finance Group in San Francisco, a financial services firm serving the legal industry. Ric is an affiliate member of CAOC, the Consumer Attorneys of California, where Strategic Capital is a business partner and is the only post-settlement financial services organization backed by CAOC and NATLE (National Association of Trial Lawyer Executives). As co-chair, he was also a member of the American Association for Justice (AAJ) Exhibitor Advisory Committee. Ric has a clear understanding of the challenges faced by claimants and the role and value of structured settlements once litigation is resolved. He has extensive experience in direct relationships with clients as well as with all participants in the primary structured settlement market. His many years of experience helping clients find options in difficult financial situations have been his goal for over 30 years. He understands the urgency of finding financially viable solutions today while ensuring that the client`s financial future is not compromised. Ric is well known in the litigation community and has built that incredible trust among litigators and settlement planners across the country. Please introduce yourself to Ric and start networking with TLP. One of the most common challenges of traditional partnership structures is that they can increase competitiveness. When partners have the responsibility (and reward for profits) to do new business, other lawyers and non-participating partners have less incentive to get involved.

While this is slightly different in each law firm, many law firms further differentiate their partnership model to include senior partners and/or a managing partner. As the founder of CARDINAL LifeCare, she is an experienced life care planner and legal nurse consultant with a proven track record in the medical legal services industry, a communicator and an experienced executive. Focus on product liability, pain, trauma, amputations and brain injuries. Graduated from Capital University Law School – Life Care Planning. Texas Heart Institute – Circulation. Penn State University – Nursing. Legal Conversion Centerwww.legalconversioncenter.comPhone: 817-991-8915Email: Trusted Legal Partners (TLP) is comprised of legal veterans, industry experts, and growth gurus who help law firms leverage their strengths, remove barriers, and dominate their fields. Not sure where to start? Our guide to legal mentors – and how to find one – can help you get started. TextLegalwww.textlegal.netPhone: 312-810-5758Email: schreiber@textlegal.netWith an experience that reflects the client side, global consulting and senior management experience, Eliot is a recognized industry leader in the world of brands, strategy, design and innovation. His award-winning work for Fortune 500 clients has helped them achieve groundbreaking market performance. His senior agency leadership helped them gain global recognition.

Eliot began his career as a corporate lawyer at AmLaw 100. Bob reviews ~600 cases per year, develops demonstrative strategies, and collaborates with other medical illustrators to develop definitive demonstratives. He has illustrated textbooks on topics such as head injuries, trauma, complications of surgery, foot and ankle injuries and surgery, and gastroenterology. In 2020-2021, Bob was invited by various legal associations to give 16 presentations or webinars on brain injury and other medical evidence. Bob`s training, skills and experience with many of the country`s leading lawyers and experts enable his highly experienced and talented team to offer solutions to visually communicate issues that go beyond medicine and encompass all types of litigation. Adwire Media is an innovative digital marketing agency specializing in lead generation, internet marketing, and call center services. Whether your goal is to grow your brand, increase your sales, collect leads, or be a combination of these, Adwire is the answer. We specialize in legal notices and case guards for mass offenses, traffic accidents, personal injury, staff composition and social security incapacity.

We also generate leads in education, home services, solar and finance. Some of our websites include,,,, and No matter where you are in your legal career, finding a legal mentor is a valuable way to look beyond where you are right now. If your goal is to become a partner at a law firm, working with a mentor who is already a partner can help. For example, a mentor can help you set career goals or focus your career vision. Navigating the partnership structures of today`s law firms can be challenging. Traditional law firm partnership models are no longer the only option for lawyers. Lawyers now have more types of partnerships – and potential partnership pathways – to consider. By learning the ins and outs of your company`s partnership structure and differentiating yourself through strategies such as business development, networking, and creating exceptional customer experiences, you can increase your chances of becoming a partner. However, some challenges often arise when we take a closer look at firms` traditional partnership structures: Core Expertise & Functional Experience. Cloud-based technology, automation of anything and everything, AI or machine learning, sales efficiency, sales support, complex software systems, workflow automation, Infusionsoft & Hubspot certified consultant, networking, social media marketing, mass crime, class actions, legal marketing in general, medical technology and natural medicine.

This joint law firm partnership structure is a variant of the traditional structure. In two-tier partnerships, not all partners are created equal, rather than all partners sharing ownership of the company. The first step to becoming a partner is to learn about the specifics of your company`s partnership structure. You need to know the criteria of your case if you want to meet them and embark on the path of a potential partnership. Why become a non-participating partner? Non-participating partners may not enjoy the property to which participating partners have access, but they acquire the prestige of holding the title of partner. Depending on the entity, non-equity partners may also have additional powers, such as limited voting rights. This allows partners to show their trust in a partner without participation without diluting the power of their ownership. Nalini Prasad partnered with Seth Price – Managing Partner of Price Benowitz, LLP and founder of BluShark Digital – to create a digital marketing agency aimed at helping small law firms grow their businesses and stand out online. Nalini frequently lectures across the country to educate the legal public on how best to use trendy SEO techniques to generate high-quality leads online. While the structure may be traditional, companies can differentiate themselves by allowing their lawyers to set their own rates. When partners and lawyers can set their own rates, they work like contractors – with no billing quotas and billable hours. This type of system works well for companies that want the freedom to incorporate alternative tariff structures into their practice.

Dean Chase has been a leader in the legal industry for nearly two decades. He is highly regarded, highly sought after and particularly qualified as an industry expert in law firm finance, banking, litigation and medical financing, ancillary services and specialty projects for law firms in growth and/or repositioning mode, including mergers and acquisitions. Tammy is a recognized speaker and panelist at local and national legal conferences. She is a published thought leader and particularly enjoys exploring and demonstrating the power of exceptional branding – and that, whatever the market challenge, incredible things are possible when collaboration, creativity and evil strategy are used in new and exciting ways. Even with the traditional partnership structures of law firms, there are no guarantees when it comes to becoming a partner. However, there are steps you can take to showcase your value and stand out from the crowd. Your best bet? Do a great job as a lawyer while incorporating some (or even all) of the following strategies into your daily career. Our nursing consulting services include: medical record analysis, summaries, schedules, performance evaluations, EMR participation, life care plans, medical set-aside, research, location of expert witnesses, charts/exhibits, PowerPoint presentations for mediation/process, damages for pain and suffering, etc. on medical care/nursing home, PL, crimes / toxic products, toilets, criminal and family matters / estate, nurse on call. We also have medical paralegals who can help you with all aspects of preparing your case.

real and legal partners is an exporting company in Kazakhstan. Seair Exim Solutions provides up-to-date export trade data reports on actual and legal partners. Real and legal partners Trade data is collected by Kazakhstan Customs and contains the information necessary for business transactions. Nataliya has a first-hand understanding of the challenges law firms face on a daily basis. His previous experience as a paralegal and knowledge of legal technology and automation allow him to provide excellent insight into the benefits of SmartAdvocate®, the best technologically advanced and user-friendly legal case management system.